“I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left”

May 17th, 2010 | by nick |

Well it might have been meant to be funny. But this one sentence note from the outgoing Chief Secretary to the Treasury has a pretty unpleasant ring to it. First of all, it’s not a laughing matter. Secondly, it gives credence to the idea that Labour had left such a “scorched earth” that they refused to enter into serious negotiations with the Liberal democrats, preferring to leave a mess for their opponents to have to deal with.

When considering this, it’s worth noting the point I made last week, that politicians claim that they know better than their opponents – that is the essence of their manifesto; and that therefore they should, putting the country first, want to win at all costs. This evening on the news, the wag who wrote this then reeled out the line that George Osborne shouldn’t cut public services and threaten the recovery. The brazen chutzpah of a man who has helped oversee the near bankruptcy of our country trying to make electoral points is frankly breathtaking.

Finally, it is emerging that there has been a rush to spend money in the last few weeks of the Labour government. More than that, David Laws has suggested that that money seems to have been spent in Labour target seats, and against the advice of officials. Only time will tell quite how sinister it is – but in any event, it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs, and a very long way from the “national interest”.

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