Dreams not Cheese – the facts behind fundraising and philanthropy


Apparently the UK spends more on cheese than it gives to charity. That can’t be right, right? What an amazing statistic. Damn it, we’re bad people, and we should be giving more. I thought it such an amazing meme that I even reserved this website as a place to promote amazing facts about fundraising. Particularly, because I’m a data sort of guy, evidence based facts.

So I went first to check the truth behind this great slur on our giving. And whattdayaknow; in fact, despite being promoted here, here, was picked up by the charity minister here and was still going strong 18 months later here… it’s not true. At least it’s almost certainly not true. One of the problems is that facts are so hard to get to, and as that most quotable of elder statesmen put it, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Anyhow, this page does its best to answer the question.

So what to do with this site? Originally intended to promote those amazing facts about charity fundraising, I eventually thought it had a role as somewhere to shine an evidence-based light on the reality of fundraising, and to sift right from wrong.

I invite you to challenge what I write.

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